4 Ways You're Drying Your Lips

Can't get enough of your lip balm? It could be hurting instead of helping! Here are 4 ways your lip balm actually might be drying out your lips, and how to heal it:

The biggest cause of allergic contact dermatitis is fragrance, which can be not only irritating to the skin barrier but also contribute to overall dryness
Avoid ingredients like menthol, camphor, phenol & salicylic acid. While they can give a soothing or tingling sensation, they may cause irritation in the long run to dry lips

Look for occlusive ingredients that can help prevent moisture loss like shea butter & squalane. It also never hurts to drink a glass of water!

Overusing lip balm can send a signal to your lips to not work as hard to maintain its own hydration level, instead apply only a couple times per day


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